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Is Power Quality Affecting your ATM’s Performance and Profitability

Almost everywhere you go, there’s an ATM within the vicinity. But have you ever thought about the technology that’s behind the screen? Our guess is probably not. And what you most definitely don’t see, but may encounter from time to time, are power quality issues. In an ATM, such issues can manifest as ghost jams, communication errors, and or even downtime. These issues can result in costly service calls, and worse yet, a frustrating customer experience. Ultimately, this can lead to lost business and erode profitability.

But how does dirty power get into an ATM?

Many financial institutions have harsh electrical environmentsdue to equipment already being used in the vicinity such as lighting, teller machines, vacuum air tubes, etc. When the electrical environment isn’t controlled, dirty power gets into the machine. There are many factors that affect the integrity of electricity which results in no-trouble found service calls, reboots, lockups, and no connectivity. All these factors can lead to unhappy customers.

So how does one prevent an ATM from going through such power quality issues?

The simplest answer: a Powervar power conditioner, an all-in-one conditioned UPS. This Powervar solution lies between the outlet and the ATM. The UPS ensures that good electricity is filtering through the machine for smooth performance. When there’s clean electrical power flowing through the ATM, it operates efficiently, reliably, and properly. Clean power means satisfied banks and customers.

The Powervar Difference

A Powervar solution stands apart from the competition for one specific reason: a low impedance isolation transformer. When a low impedance isolation transformer is combined with a surge diverter and a noise filter, the outcome is complete protection from all electrical disturbances. In fact, without a low impedance isolation transformer, electrical disturbances can lead to communication and connectivity errors.

Once an ATM’s process is protected from electrical disturbances, your customers will have a more efficient and reliable system and a reduction in work orders. Clean, reliable power quality equates to efficient transactions leading to the ultimate customer experience which in turn increases brand loyalty with your customers.

Key Takeaway

When a Powervar power quality solution is implemented, system uptime and reliability is increased as well as the protection of your customer’s investments.

Learn more about the power quality in ATMs by watching our video now:

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