Mobile Power Manager (MPM)

A step in the right direction.


    AMETEK Powervar’s Mobile Power Manager (MPM) provides UL 60601 compliance for mobile carts while protecting valuable patient data from being lost or corrupted.

    The MPM provides power to connected equipment on a cart for up to 10 hours with a rapid recharge time. Existing non-powered carts can be upgraded at an affordable cost.
    • The MPM supports multi-battery chemistries, SLA or LiFePO4 batteries.
    • The MPM power connections and user interface can be custom configured for OEM applications.
    • The cart can be monitored by the MPM software, which provides information on the condition of the battery to facilitate early warning for battery replacement.
    • PC-based client software and server-based fleet management software is available to administer your mobile application.

    The Advantages of the Mobile Power Manager

     Compliance  UL 60601 Listed
     Flexible  IEC 320 connections for input and output
     Intelligent  User-friendly fleet management software
     Versatile  Works with multiple battery chemistries
     Powerful   250 VA / 250 W rating for any computer load
     Size  Industry standard footprint

    Why Powervar for your mobile applications?

    The Powervar Mobile Power Manager (MPM) is listed to the medical UL standard 60601 which certifies the unit for patient vicinity applications. The MPM fit the standard industry footprint, so it is easy to adapt in your mobile application.

    The Powervar Mobile Power Manager’s software tracks battery life, monitors the supported load and cart usage, while providing event logs and a user friendly fuel gauge. MPM fleet view management software provides you with the ability to track a fleet of carts and give you real time data from one computer where you can manage the battery maintenance and monitor the usage on all of the carts within your facility.

    MPM Software gives you real time information

    MPM Clinic View - workstation software with convenient on-screen battery status display.
    MPM Fleetview - server software provides central view of battery status across a fleet of carts.
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    North American System Specifications

    Model Input-Output
    Voltage (VAC)
    Load Power (VA) Size (in.)
    (H x W x D)
    Spec Sheets
    ABCE150-11M2 120-120 150 Download pdf 
    ABCE250-11M2 120-120 250 Download pdf 
    ABCE150-22M2 230-230 150 Download pdf 
    ABCE250-22M2 230-230 250 Download pdf 


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    Sell Sheets

    Mobile Power Manager Sell Sheet.pdf