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MPMView Workstation Software


  • MPMView is software that installs on PC workstations used on carts powered by Powervar MPM units
  • MPMView monitors the Powervar MPM power system via USB communication
  • MPMView displays cart Power and Battery status for the workstation user

    Click the MPMView battery icon in the taskbar to open the ClinicView User Interface

  • MPMView has a TechView Interface for viewing present information, event and data histories, and for configuring warning thresholds, battery type, cart identity information and the IP address of the CIO Fleetview server for enterprise level management of powered workstation carts.

CIO/MPM Fleetview Edition


  • CIO/MPM FleetView is software that installs on a server-class host computer to continuously monitor powered carts that have MPMView software installed on each cart workstation.
  • TCP connections are initiated from each MPMView installation to the CIO/Fleetview Server over the premise LAN or Enterprise WAN, Bottom-up connections accommodate dynamic workstation environments where mobile workstations have DHCP assigned network address that can change over time.
  • CIO/MPM FleetView has default SmartGroups that watch for carts that need Service Now, or Service Soon based on specific alarm conditions . SmartGroups can also be configured to send automatic email notification when these conditions detected on any cart.
  • CIO AlarmView is like a triage center for your cart management team to review all carts with active alarms and be able escalate to 3rd party IT service management systems such as BMC’s Remedy via right click options menu.
  • CIO PinMap view lets you layer floor plans, or any JPG/PNG file you want to use to help organize and visualize you’re the locations of your cart inventory.
  • Convenient right-click from any Pin or List icon to open the MPM TechView interface on any cart workstation remotely from CIO Fleetview to get the detailed information you need for meaningful triage.
  • CIO / Fleetview licenses are sold based on the numbers of powered carts to be monitored. Add-on features such as BMC Remedy integration are sold as license plug-in components.