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MopUPS Professional

MopUPS Professional

Typically used in low power UPS applications with a small number of servers sharing a single UPS. MopUPS monitors UPS status via Serial or TCP/IP and provides automated shutdown of single or multiple hosts. Other features include email event messaging, event and data logging, scheduled administrative shutdown and restart, and remote access and control. MopUPS Professional can also serve as a proxy agent for central management of many UPSs via ManageUPS CIO.

MopUPS Professional is software for safe system shutdown and useful power management. With advanced features such as network shutdown, scheduled shutdown and restart, event messaging, event logging, data logging, real time viewing, UPS diagnostics and remote access, MopUPS Professional has everything you need to preserve data and maximize system uptime.

  • Features +

    Remote Management
    Site power and UPS status information can be access securely from any computer on your IP based network. View event history and voltage logs for trend analysis. View UPS system status in real time for situational decision support. Access is based on User Authentication with 128bit, MD5 encryption.

    Remote Messaging
    Keeps you informed anywhere -- fault and recovery messages are sent via SNMP Trap or email. Body of email will include URL for quick link back to UPS Web page. Many pager systems will forward email to your wireless pager - so you can be informed anywhere.

    Safe Network Shutdown
    Networked computers on a shared power source often need a coordnated policy for emergency shutdown.

    MopUPS provides several network-shutdown methodologies that give you flexibility, simplicity, and reliability to automate unattended emergency shutdowns.

    Safe System Shutdown
    Perserve data integrity and minimize recovery delays with automated system shutdown. MopUPS monitors the UPS for power fail, low battery, or other events that jeopardize computer power -- and initiates controlled system shutdown.

    Scripting Engine (Unix/Linux)
    Write custom installation and configuration scripts for your multiple system installations or for continued program management.

  • Requirements +

    • Serial UPS Monitoring requires dedicated computer serial port.

    • Network Monitoring requires TCP/IP ethernet connection and ManageUPSnet Adapter.

    • Network SMTP server for email messaging on non Unix/Linux systems.

    • Email notification using SMTP server configured for open mail relaying

    • Installation requires user account with Administrator rights (root login).

    • X-Windows libraries required for unix and linux installations.

  • UPS Support +

    • Security II (USB or RS232),
    • Sinergy, Sinergy II, III (USB or RS232)
    • Security One (RS232)
    • Security Plus (RS232)
    • Security Plus II (RS232 or USB)
    • GTS (USB)
  • Downloads +

  • Trials and Inquiries +

    Try software with a UPS using Serial Communications: You will need to request a cable that matches your UPS type. Contact your sales representative for details on obtaining a cable for software evaluation purposes. You will need a 30-day evaluation license key to activate this option.

    Try software with a UPS using Network Communications: If you already have a ManageUPS Adapter installed on your UPS, you can use the MopNet communications option to point MopUPS to the IP address assigned to your ManageUPS Adapter. You will need a 30-day license key to activate this option.

    If you do not have a ManageUPS Adapter installed on your UPS but you do have access to the internet, you can point MopUPS to one of the IP addresses of our on-line ManageUPS adapters. You will need a 30-day license key to activate this option.

    For more information on trial license keys or product inquiries, contact us here: Request Info