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MopUPS Network Shutdown Agent

MopUPS Network Shutdown Agent

MopUPS NSA is a shutdown agent for use in combination with ManageUPS or MopUPS P/R. It offers shutdown control of multiple systems in a secure manor. MopUPS NSA can be used on any routable computer on your LAN or WAN.

  • Features +

    Authenticated Login
    MopUPS NSA is a light version of the MopUPS service that does not monitor a UPS but listens for shutdown command from a password authenticated remote MopUPS service.

    Localized Script Execution
    MopUPS NSA can be configured to call a script on its host computer before executing OS shutdown.

  • Requirements +

    • Installation requires user account with Administrator rights (root login).

    • X-Windows required for unix and linux installations.

    • Windows installations require MSI Installer support

  • UPS Support +

    MopUPS NSA is not UPS dependent. You can issue a remote shutdown command to a MopUPS NSA client from either ManageUPS III or MopUPS P/R.

  • Downloads +

  • Licensing +

    You can order MopUPS NSA from your local POWERVAR representative. One license is required per computer. 

    You can request a 30 day license key by clicking the link below. To use MopUPS NSA, you will need either a ManageUPS II or a copy of MopUPS P/R on your network. If you do not have one of these two products you may request a 30 day license key for MopUPS P/R.

    Request 30 Day License Key From Our Website