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MopUPS Express

MopUPS Express

MopUPS Express is software for safe system shutdown of small servers or workstations. When used in a single system application, MopUPS Express has everything you need to preserve data and maximize system uptime.

  • Features +

    Safe System Shutdown
    Preserve data integrity and minimize recovery delays with automated system shutdown. MopUPS Express monitors the UPS for power fail, low battery, or other events that jeopardize computer power -- and initiates controlled system shutdown.

    MopUPS Express also provides these functions
    data and event logging, auto-run command files before shutdown, access to UPS configuration and acts as integrated network agent for central monitoring via POWERVAR ManageUPS CIO Server software

  • Requirements +

    • Serial UPS Monitoring requires dedicated computer serial port.

    • Installation requires user account with Administrator rights (root login).

  • UPS Support +

    • GTS Series
  • Downloads +

  • Demos and Inquiries +

    To demo MopUPS Express you will need one of the specific UPS systems listed above. The install package looks for a UPS. If none can be found the install will not continue.


    For more information, contact us here: Request Info