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ManageUPS CIO is software that provides a central management system for critical power infrastructure distributed within a building, campus or wide area network environment.

  • Visualize Incident Locations
  • Manage Alarm Storms
  • Simple to Install and Set Up
  • Flexible to Use
  • One-click Device Navigation
  • One Tool for all UPS
  • BACnet over IP Support
  • Features +

    Multi-level Pin-Map
    Helps visualize problem locations. Map level backgrounds are any image files (JPG, GIF, PNG). Use any combination of Geographic Maps (starter set included), Floor plans, Visio drawings, even digital photos of specific installations.

    Alarm View
    Automatically organizes devices by current alarm type. Acknowledge alarms to reset their Pin Map representation to normal.

    Smart Groups
    Rules-based container for inventory analysis and condition monitoring with e-mail change notification.

    A container for organizing assets manually - for standard reports or quick view of specific asset sub-sets.

    Containers for organizing Groups, Smart-Groups and other Folders to help minimize clutter.

    Add Devices
    CIO makes it easy to build a UPS asset list - CIO automatically discovers UPS on the local LAN segment -- simple search utility finds UPS on remote sub-nets.

    Print Reports
    Send formatted reports to a printer or PDF writer for archive or sharing with others.

    Export lists from any list view to CSV files for further analysis via spreadsheet or archive database.

  • Requirements +

    UPS Agent Compatibility

    • ManageUPS net adapter (UPS)
    • ManageUPS +E net adapter (UPS & Environment Sensors)
    • MopUPS software (Proxy Agent for Low Power UPS)
    • 3rd party UPS SNMP adapters (RFC1628 standard UPS MIB or Powernet UPS MIB)

    Hardware Requirements

    • Server class 32-bit x86 (Intel compatible) computer
    • 1GHz CPU
    • 1GB RAM
    • Ethernet network adapter

    Email Notification

    • Email notification using SMTP server configured for open mail relaying

  • UPS Support +

    • 3200, 3300 Series
    • Security Plus, Security Plus II
    • Linearity
    • Security One, Security II
    • Sinergy, Sinergy II, Sinergy III
  • Downloads +

  • Licensing and Trials +

    Manage UPS CIO can be downloaded from the using the links in the download section of this page. By default, Manage UPS CIO will install with a 2-day, 5 UPS trial key. 30 day, 5 UPS trials are available upon request.

    License Packages: 5, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 devices (UPS Systems and Environmental Sensors) can be ordered from your Powervar representative. License certificates are delivered electronically via email.

    If you have a UPS on your network with a compatible agent, you can add those UPS to the Manage UPS CIO "All Devices" list. If you do not have access to a UPS on your network, you can add any of the demo Manage UPS-II adapters available on the internet. Your internet firewall must allow access through port 5055 or SNMP port 161.

    For trial information or licensing inquiries, contact us here: Request Info