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iSite PRO Net Adapter

Secure & Proactive Management of Networked Power

iSite PRO allows for secure, remote, and proactive management of UPS systems in today's highly secured network environments.

Robust and secure, iSite PRO provides the most updated security protocols, an easy-to-use user interface complete with dashboard and exportable data and event logs. Remote access allows secure login from anywhere, giving you real time access to proactively monitor and manage system performance.

  • Secure, remote monitoring of power quality and battery health
  • Secure access from any networked computer
  • Easy-to-use, informative web interface
  • Real-time management with email and SNMP traps notifications
  • Proactive identification of problematic trends with event and data logging
  • Configurable user permissions and authentication
  • Convenient onboard Help library
  • User-friendly firmware updates
  • Simplified Network Configuration via Discovery Tool

Environmental Sensor
  • Features +


    Stringent Security Protocols

    • Handles up to 2048 bit RSA keys for SSL certificates and 256 bit encryption
    • Secure access via REST API over HTTPS or HTTP
    • Embedded SNMP v3 Agent conforms to SNMP standards: RFC1213 (MIB II) and RFC1628 (UPS MIB) and Powervar Environment Sensor MIB
    • Secure central sign-on via LDAP

    Configurable User Permissions & Authentication

    • Assignable user permissions/restrictions for viewing or changing configurations


    User Interface Dashboard

    • Provides quick views of key battery metrics, percent load, and line voltage


    • Trigger SNMP trap and e-mail UPS event messages via O365, GMAIL or other SMTP servers via TLS or SSL

    Event and Data Logging with Analytic Support

    • Stores log files of UPS events, system events, and UPS data
    • WEB interface allows convenient log viewing utility
    • Quick-link SupportMe button for one click download and Send-to Powervar for analytic interpretation



    Simple Navigation and Responsive Design

    • Simple menu structure and screen design
    • View on desktop, tablet, or mobile device

    Secure Access from any Networked Computer

    • Multiple access methods: SNMP, WEB, or REST API

    Automatic Network Configuration via DHCP

    • Accepts network parameters automatically via DHCP (RFC2131 and RFC2136 for DDNS)


    Multiple Views for Deeper Insights

    • Time stamped event data can be filtered by system, device or control types
    • Historical data of electrical parameters can be viewed at selected intervals


    • Robust built-in HELP library for quick reference on parameter definition or configuration
    • Help links provide access to up-to-date documentation
    • Technical support available via phone, email, or website


    Environment Sensor

    • Measures ambient temperature and relative humidity (RH)
    • Reads three (3) volt-free relay input contacts and controls one (1) output relay for event response
    • Monitor multiple zones from one UPS network adapter with additional sensor modules
    • Flexible “Any or All” logic lets you pick multiple event triggers to drive the output relay control


    • TCP Onboard support for MODBUS/TCP over Ethernet eliminates need for RS485 to Ethernet gateways
    • MODBUS RTU is available over RS422 and RS485 half-duplex

  • Requirements +

    iSite Pro Network Adapter card requires:
    • Network connection is 10Base-T/100Base-TX IEEE 802.3 compliant Ethernet transceiver - Ethernet Class 1 (DIX) packet format 802.3u Compliant - Compatible w/Fast Ethernet half duplex
    • Web interface is compatible with standard browsers inclusive of the latest release of Microsoft® Edge®, Google® Chrome®, Mozilla® Firefox®
    • Automatic network configuration requires a DHCP Server
    • Email can be configured for Gmail, Office 365 or other secure online servers or an on-premise SMTP server
    • SNMP trap requires SNMP trap receiver
    • Log functions work best with access to NTP (network time) server

  • UPS Support +

    • Security II
    • Sinergy III
    • Security Plus II
    • Linearity (Legacy)
    • 3300 Series

  • Downloads +

  • Demos and Inquiries +

    For product demos or inquiries, contact us here: Request Info 

    DEMO Access (credentials required)