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GEHC Shuttle Custom UPM Firmware V15167 Update

This page is for Authorized GEHC personnel to access the FW update package and Installation Instructions for these items:
UPS, GEHC, 775VA/W, 110/115V, GE SHUTTLE II, GE P/N 2101491-001
UPS, GEHC, 775VA/W, 230V, GE SHUTTLE II, GE P/N 2101492-001

Download Powervar Application Note PDF for FW Update 15167 GE Shuttle UPM

You may need to download and install FW update Application below if you have not already done so.

Download Powervar UPM GE Shuttle FW Update Windows                  

To verify the integrity and security of the download file received, use the SHA256 hash below:

File Name                                  SHA256 Checksum             96f454c3fb6b5d58262461fc3af483d616805232ca7bed5fe97a418f69f14377