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Our business is keeping businesses in business.

At Powervar, we understand how vital power quality is to our customers and those they serve, and we never forget the significance to those who rely on it. We work in concert with medical OEMs, retail technology, industrial, and telecom partners to design relevant solutions that provide sustainable value to people, performance, and profits.

As experienced engineers and power quality consultants, we bring a powerful combination of industry knowledge, strong customer relationships, and technical expertise. Our goal is to produce the best outcomes for your business. Our reputation is that we deliver on that promise, every time.

Our power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies provide the vital protection necessary to ensure optimal system performance, reduce service costs, and strengthen customer satisfaction. In the end, a healthier bottom line that keeps businesses in business.
  • About US History
    Our History

    Founded in 1986, we have a long history of technological innovations that have revolutionized the industry.

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  • Our Technology

    As technology evolves at an ever-quickening pace, so too does our customers’ need for more technologically advanced and tailored power quality solutions.

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  • About US People
    Our People

    Our people are the lifeblood of our organization. Driven by a collective purpose – we aim to provide an exceptional customer experience at every turn. We back our customers with technical sales professionals, engineering, and service teams who boast decades of experience in the industry.

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  • Working with Powervar
    Working With Us

    At AMETEK Powervar, we`ve always believed that partnerships pave the road to success. The power of our solutions lies in the collaborative relationships we share with our customers, so we strive to provide a customer experience that is nothing short of exceptional.

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